About Us

السلامعليکم‎As-Salamualaikum ReaderPeace be upon you
Based in Australia, we are a team who seek to help our fellow sisters and brothers in faith.  The initiative began in 2015, where we noticed a critical need for a concise and clear summary of basic resources to guide new Muslims.  We initially developed the HelloIslam giftbox, a gift for life for those new to Islam, with all they might need to grow.  We have distributed these locally as well as globally, in the spirit to help support the Muslim community.
Parallel to this, we felt the plethora of online resources can be difficult for a new Muslim to find and sort through.  We have therefore developed our website to tie together the essential stepping stones to learn more about Islam, and to help Muslims at any stage of their journey.
Knowledge and faith should never come at a price.  Allah is the ultimate exemplar of this, having blessed us with every resource to live a fulfilling life, including the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the sun we warm to, and all this without account, more than we could ever consume in a lifetime.  In this spirit, this is why we strive to make all our resources free of charge to access.  
We pray that you are able to benefit from this collection of online resources, and encourage you to reach out to us for your giftbox or any other materials which might help you on your journey, wherever you might be.

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