« "A believer to another believer is like a building whose different parts support each other." 

The Prophet (ﷺ) then clasped his hands with the fingers interlaced while saying that. »

Hadith: Bukhari 2446

The community is at the heart of Islam.  Particularly if you are a newer Muslim, integrating into the wider Muslim community facilitates your path of growth.  The community support one another, learn from one another, and grow together.  You will rarely find a community more loving, genuine, and sincere than the Islamic community.

This page is designed to assist you in integrating into your community, both in-person and online.


1. In-Person Guidance & Tips

General Advice to Find In-Person Communities

 - Search your location on google maps with the keyword 'Mosque', 'Masjid', or 'Islamic Center'.  Alternatively, this website has a database of thousands of mosques worldwide.

 - Your closest University likely has a 'Muslim Association' which hosts regular events and meet-ups.  Although arranged by students, usually non-students are also welcome.

 - Travel to Muslim Conventions in surrounding areas, which often host speakers from elsewhere in your country and abroad, and often have hundreds if not thousands of attendees.

 - Specific 'New Muslim' support groups and networks (as outlined below by region)

your first visit to the mosque

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The Friday congregational prayer (Jummah)

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Integrating into Ramadan in-person

The month of Ramadan has both individualistic and communal elements to it. Various opportunities to partake in the communal aspects of Ramadan include:

 - Iftar (breaking the fast) - Oftentimes mosques will host iftars, which will be meals at sunset (maghrib) at the time of breaking the fast.  These are excellent opportunities to join the community and share these special times of the day together, whether at the mosque or often at people's houses.

 - Taraweeh prayer - Most mosques will lead taraweeh, which are voluntary nightly congregational prayers usually starting after the Isha prayer.  During these prayers, the leader of the prayer (Imam) will usually recite parts of the Quran within each rakah (prayer unit), many of whom strive to complete the entire Quran during the month.  Taraweeh can typically last anywhere from twenty minutes to over an hour each night.

 - Eid Al-Fitr (the festival of breaking the fast) is a celebration that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.  It includes the Eid prayer which is a large congregational prayer usually early in the morning of Eid, usually with huge turnouts.  The prayer is often hosted outdoors, with locations announced in advance.  The rest of the day is usually followed by community celebrations and get-togethers.  Don't be shy to introduce yourself and get to know those around you.


2. In-Person 'New Muslim' Support Networks

Within each Muslim community you will likely find in-person support specifically tailored for new Muslims, including regular sessions and meet-ups.  Below are a selection to help ease your search.


 - South


👉 Cambridge CresentRegular social events, lectures and workshops, a reading circle designed specifically for converts.


👉 Hounslow Muslim Centre - 'New Muslim Circle' - 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month

👉 East London Mosque - New Muslim Weekly Circle - Sat 2pm

👉 London Central Mosque - New Muslim Women’s Group - Wed 6:30pm

 - MID

Peak District

👉 New Beginnings ⭐ - Providing support, companionship, and education for new Muslims and converts.  Hosting renowned retreats in the Peak District as well as regular sessions


⭐ 👉 Islamic Foundation - Pioneered essential education and support services for New Muslims. Set amidst ten acres, it provides a tranquil environment for studying (watch video)

👉 Convert Muslim Foundation - Caring for converts to Islam, offering a range of support, advice and services 👉Facebook


👉 Muslim Welfare House - Hosting regular events for the local Muslim community


👉 Birmingham Central Mosque - Weekly New Muslim Classes every Wed & Sun 5-7pm. In-person and Zoom

👉 Islam Wise  - Support for New Muslims including face-to-face consultations, prayer workshops and mentoring.



👉 Muslim Youth Foundation - The 'New Muslim Group' is designed to facilitate meeting other Muslims, be given support and advice. First Thursday of every month 7pm.


👉 Islam Bradford - Weekly introductory classes 👉Brothers   👉Sisters 


👉 Leeds Central Mosque - 'New to Islam' organisation offers weekly drop-in sessions on Sun 11:30am-12:30pm, as well as a brothers and sisters circle monthly.


👉 Islamic Diversity Centre - 'New Muslim Support' programme offers Islamic Education, socials and mentorship specifically for those new or wanting to learn more.



👉 Glasgow Central Mosque - 'New to Islam' sessions weekly


👉 Edinburgh Central Mosque - 'New to Islam' fortnightly sessions - in person and zoom


👉 Aberdeen Central Mosque - New Muslim Association 


These are just a selection from USA; there are many more in-person new Muslim support networks. Search your specific state and city to find more.


👉 Taleef Collective - Fremont & Chicago - Outreach for seekers & newcomers to the faith

👉 Care-4-Converts - Sacramento - Weekly Quran Circles

👉 Muslim Community Centre East Bay  - East Bay - 'Convert Care' - Mentorship, regular bookclubs


👉 Islamic Circle of North America  - Chicago - New Muslim Services; classes, conferences, packages


👉 Madina Institute - Atlanta - New Muslim Circle - Emotional support, social integration, and educational programs


These are just a selection from Canada; there are many more in-person new Muslim support networks. Search your specific state and city to find more.


👉 New Muslim Support - Sessions each weekend designed for New Muslims; in-person and online

British Columbia

👉 BC Muslim Association - New Muslim Circle - last Sunday of each month 👉more here

Greater Toronto Area

👉 Muslim groups and services - New Muslim Circle - Muslim groups and services; extensive resources



⭐ 👉 ISRA- Academic institute with support circles for Men or Women for New Muslims and non-Muslims interested. Includes workshops (including learn-to-pray), social events, WhatsApp support, Ramadan programs, and more.

👉 United Muslims Australia  - Many events and projects, including New muslim support. 


👉 Benevolence Australia - A leading Australian organisation. 'Convert Care' provides guidance and assistance to those inquiring about Islam, seeking support upon the path and wanting to develop a sustainable faith practice. Includes one-on-one consultations, tailored courses and social support gatherings to support new Muslims upon their faith journey.

👉 Australian Islamic Centre - Beautiful centre, library, educational classes and events


👉 Brisbane Muslim Fellowship - Tailored for new Muslims, including classes, workshops, courses, as well as BBQs, dinners and get togethers


👉 Beaufort Park Musallah - Regular classes, together with a new initiative for reverts which can be found here.

👉 Sila Circles - Regular lecture series towards the fundamental understanding of Islam.

👉 University of Western Australia - Muslim Students association - University association holding regular events including New Muslim support.  An excellent way to meet other Muslims in an informal setting.

👉 The Islamic Centre of Western Australia - 'Perth Convert Muslims' aims to provide a welcoming and non judgemental network of support that caters to the Islamic and social needs of Perth Convert Muslims. Sisters specific group can be found 👉 here

👉 Curtin University - Many lectures and events for converts as well as established Muslims 

👉 IQRA Academy - 'Reverts Islamic Studies Classes' held regularly



This route is particularly essential for those who live remotely or in a non-Muslim society, or among a non-Muslim family from whom one might be concealing ones faith.

3. Online Social Media Groups


Discord is an instant messaging social platform, predominantly through communities (servers).  Interactions happen through text and voice.  There are many discord servers which support New Muslims, among which we would recommend two in particular:

1.  Salam Talk 

The largest Islamic server, this community strives to foster a wholesome environment to get to know other Muslims, as well as learn through various sessions and opportunities. The server has additional dedicated channels for those interested in Islam, as well as reverts, to enable opportunities and a place to ask questions or share reflections. 👉 Join

2. Reverts 

This excellent server is tailored for reverts and those interested in Islam, providing an excellent safe space to learn more about Islam.  Live sessions are regularly hosted by various teachers to help attendees grow and learn. 👉 Join


Reddit is an online network of communities.  There are various sub-communities (subreddits) which as a New Muslim you might find beneficial, including:

1. r/islam - Largest subreddit for Muslims 👉 Join

2. r/converts - A resource sharing subreddit for New Muslims or those who are interested in embracing Islam 👉 Join

3. r/izlam - If you're looking for some light browsing and humour, this subreddit can make you smile 👉 Join


4. Online - Live Weekly Sessions

The following are online regular sessions designed specifically for new Muslims.  Through these, you can connect with the online community.

Highly Recommended

👉 IERA ⭐ - Supporting New Muslims worldwide with education and resources ⭐

👉 New Beginnings - Providing excellent structured learning and community, including a live 10-week 'Firm Foundations' course for beginners 


👉 New Muslim Academy - Live classes, webinars, and portal to connect with other new Muslims, teachers, and mentors

👉 Adams Center - Islam 101, How to perform prayer, learn to read Quran, buddy program - Zoom every Thursday 6-9pm EST

👉 New To Islam - Edinburgh - Fortnightly sessions

👉 Atlanta Muslim Converts - Beginner or intermediate sessions every Sunday 

👉 Muslim Enrichment Project - Online classes based in Detroit focusing on Quran - weekends

👉 New Muslim Support Vancouver - Online sessions, variety of topics - Weekend 5pm

👉 Muslim Women Spiritual Book Club - Most weekends EST



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