PRAYER   &   Purification

« Indeed, performing prayers is a duty on the believers at the appointed times.  »

Quran Chapter 4, Verse 103


The ritual prayer in Islam (Salah) involves five daily prayers prescribed by Allah. It is the Muslim's way of connecting back to their Lord and glorifying Him.  These are performed in Arabic through a specific set of words and actions.

Muslims perform a purification from minor impurities (Wudu) and major impurities (Ghusl) before facing their Lord in the daily worship.

Supplication to Allah (Dua), is another form of prayer which entails a personal conversation with Allah.  It can be performed at any place, at any time, and in any language whether or not one is purified. Resources for supplication can be found on this separate page.


1. Purification (Wudu)

⭐ 1. Wudu: instructional video ⭐

Wudu is the purification of minor impurities. This short video takes you through the simple steps (6 mins)

Steps of Wudu in a simple infographic to download or print


2. Prayer (Salah)

⭐ 1. how to pray ⭐

The daily prayers (Salah) are a cornerstone of faith. This video demonstrates the daily prayers in simple steps with both English and Arabic transliteration on screen (11 mins)

This short booklet is an excellent companion for prayer, explaining the steps and what to say. You are welcome to print this to keep in-front of you while you pray, or you can order a copy from us for free from the giftbox page


 (22 pages)

3. How to pray:

Broken down slowly

Clear breakdown to learn pronunciation, one video for each prayer (5 videos, 20 mins each)

4. Prayer with EnglisH Spoken

English speakers, when learning the prayer in Arabic, can often find it difficult to relate to the words. This excellent video demonstrates each step of the prayer, spoken simultaneously in both English and Arabic, to really empower you and engross you in the meaning behind the words you recite 

(16 mins)


One of the best available prayer tutorial apps.  Walk-through Arabic transliteration as well as audio-bytes per step to help you pronounce correctly👉iOS      👉 android

6. Salam App

Ad-free clean and simple app to suit all your needs. Developed by a grass-roots team with just the user in mind. Entirely free and always will be.👉 Preview Video    👉iOS      👉android

7. Salat app

Step-by-step guide with illustrations and audio    
👉iOS      👉 android 

3. Additional resources

1. Ghusl (Full-body washing) video

How to perform Ghusl to purify oneself from major physical impurities

(3 mins)

3. Quick & Easy Fatiha Meaning

Surah Fatiha is the opening chapter of the Quran, and one we recite during our daily prayers in every unit. Imam Wisam Sharieff provides this speedy excellent dynamic explanation of this chapter.(3 mins)

4. Recite Fatiha beautifully

Brilliant short video to easily improve your pronunciation(9 mins)

5. Detailed explanation of salah

Step-by-step guide, turn subtitles on for Arabic translation (35 mins)
An in-depth analysis of the dimensions of worship, including prayer, almsgiving, fasting, pilgrimage.  Authored by Al-Ghazali, one of the most renowned Islamic scholars. For more advanced readers.👉 Download here(142 pages)
A more advanced study of each of the steps of the prayer👉 Download here(180 pages)


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