Β« β€œO my Lord! Increase me in knowledge” Β»

Quran Chapter 20, Verse 114

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Our giftbox is designed for those new to Islam who are eager and keen to increase their knowledge and strengthen their faith. Included are hand-picked essentials to empower you to learn more about Islam and grow closer to God.

Here at HelloIslam, we believe that seeking knowledge should never come at a price. We are striving to create a system where our giftbox can be free-for-all. However, for the time-being, as we function on limited funding, we are only able to offer this for free for those new to Islam, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. If this sounds like you, no matter where you live in the world, please simply order your box for free below, and include a little of your story and background.

If you are not eligible, but are still eager to learn more and obtain some of the resources, or perhaps undergoing financial hardship, please complete the form, ticking any items you are particularly interested in, and tell us more about your story. We will strive to provide and help in whichever way we can.

Note: We would like to assure you that we package all our items discretely with blank packaging for your privacy, as we are aware some of those learning about Islam would not like to draw attention in front of family members and others.

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1. Introductory Books


The direct word of Allah in English translation. Note: version will depend on stock availability.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(713 pages)

New Muslim Guide Book

A fantastic booklet outlining the basic tenets of belief. A short and sweet read that will leave you with a solid understanding of the basics of Islam. πŸ‘‰ Preview online(19 pages)

My Prayer

a step-by-step guide

A simple book outlining how to perform purification (wudu) and daily prayers (Salah). Contains both the English translation together with the transliteration to help you learn to pronouce the Arabic. An excellent companion to hold during your prayer for guidance while learning.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(22 pages)

Islam: Belief, Legislation, Morals

An excellent introduction to the foundations of Islam, particularly written towards new Muslims. Topics covered include; evolution of the Prophets' missions, comparative religions, evidence behind God's existence, Prophethood, the soul and matter in Islamic thought, the philosophy behind the Islamic pillars, good human relations, women in Islam, politics & economics, and the tipped scale of the balance.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(434 pages)

2. Growing closer to Allah ο·»

Allah Loves

Omar Suleiman explores who and what Allah loves so that we may become one of those who are beloved to Him. Looking at our actions, characteristics and beliefs, this book will help us become better people, citizens and believers that are deserving of Allah's endless, infinite and everlasting love. Made up of 30 short and spiritually enriching chapters, this book is a reminder that throughout our lives, the Creator's love is always there, increasing through everyday actions such as showing generosity or remaining consistent with unnoticeable good deeds.πŸ‘‰ Read ebook(160 pages)

The Ninety-Nine

Beautiful Names of God

Allah has revealed to us His most beautiful attributes. The renowned scholar Al-Ghazali dissects each name, explaining the meaning behind each attribute, together with suggesting human-kind's share to adopt and better oneself.πŸ‘‰ Preview online: Skip to Part Two, Chapter One(109 pages)

The answered supplication

Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi Series: Supplication to Allah, alongside worship and prayer to Allah, are each vital and central within Islam, each having its own nature. The author provides an explanation as to what are supplications, how to make them, and supplications of mankind, prophets, and angels.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(56 pages)

Prayers of the Pious

This book provides spiritual gems that serve as valuable wisdom and practical advice for the soul.By reading this short work with an attentive heart, the reader can cultivate a love for God and His Messenger ο·Ί and live life with gratitude and contentment.

(128 pages)

Fortress of the Muslim

A collection of supplications from the Quran and prophetic tradition, providing a way to connect with your Lord at every step of your day. πŸ‘‰ Preview online(244 pages)

3. Growing closer to the Prophet Muhammad ο·Ί

When the moon Split

A biography of the Prophet Muhammad ο·Ί covering his life and the vital lessons learned. Compiled by Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(320 pages)

Meeting Muhammad ο·Ί

As stunning as the Prophet Muhammad's appearance was, his character was even more strikingly beautiful. As Ali (RA) said, "I've never seen anything like him, before him or after him". This beautifully presented book provides 30 reflections from the life of our beloved Prophet ο·Ί to try and emulate him.(260 pages)

Muhammad ο·Ί

Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi Series: To learn more about our beloved Prophet Muhammad's ο·Ί life, there are several excellent biographical depictions such as "When the Moon Splits". This particular text "Muhammad ο·Ί" by Al-Sha'rawi branches away from such traditional narrations and instead adds a unique flavour through examining the "why's" behind his life and his struggles, and the meanings behind his message.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(97 pages)

The Final Prophet ο·Ί

Proofs for the Prophethood

This book shares the multitude of proofs surrounding Muhammad’s ο·Ί prophethood. There are abundant comprehensive rational pathways that lead to this one certain conclusion: Muhammad ο·Ί was indeed the final messenger of God to this world.πŸ‘‰ Preview online (97 pages)

4. Prophetic Narrations (Hadith)

Forty Hadith on Divine Mercy

Forty prophetic sayings (hadith) categorised into themes, set in an easy-to-read format with brief explanations.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(40 pages)

200 Golden Hadiths

Two Hundred prophetic sayings (hadith) laid out in a colourful and engaging format. πŸ‘‰ Preview online(128 pages)

5. Articles of Faith

Angels in Your Presence

In thirty short chapters, Omar Suleiman reminds us of how many different scenarios in which the angels accompany us, protect us and pray for us as we go about our day. He inspires us to take every opportunity available to have these angels invoke blessings upon us.

(140 pages)

The Stories of the Prophets ο·Ί

[Excerpt: Jesus ο·Ί]

Belief in all of the Prophets ο·Ί is a central article of faith in Islam. There is a plethora of lessons to be learnt from their lives and their teachings. The famous scholar Ibn Kathir in this text has compiled all we can learn about the various Prophets ο·Ί, using the Quran and authentic Hadith as his main source.(576 pages)

Fate and Destiny

Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi Series: An examination of fate and destiny in Islam, and their interrelation. Why and how do we make choices, and how does this relate back to Allah's absolute power. πŸ‘‰ Preview online(68 pages)

Life and Death

Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi Series: How did it all begin, what is life and death, and what is the life of this world and the hereafter. πŸ‘‰ Preview online(68 pages)

The Day of Resurrection

Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi Series: An examination of the meaning and indication of the day of resurrection, together with a step-by-step journey through life, death, and resurrection. πŸ‘‰ Preview online(65 pages)

Mankind and Satan

Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi Series: The devil's origin, his sin, his powers, and his relationship with Mankind.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(68 pages)

The unseen

Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi Series: The Unseen (Al Ghaib) is a central concept in Islam, representing much of existence which has been concealed from us. Al-Sha'rawi examines what we know about the nature of the unseen and how this is essential to how we conduct our lives on Earth.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(49 pages)

Al-Hajj al Mabroor

Sheikh Al-Sha'rawi Series: Hajj is an ancient pilgrimage stemming from the time of Ibrahim ο·Ί. This text describes the steps entailed, together with a heart-felt explanation of why it has been prescribed in such a way. This book provides an excellent insight to the Holy site of Makkah, and a fascinating read even for those not yet planning to perform pilgrimage, but who would instead like to indulge more into the spiritual nature of the Holy site and rituals.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(117 pages)

The Quran and Modern Science

An excellent short booklet by Dr. Zakir Naik which examines how the Quran and modern science are not only compatible, but beautifully enrich one another in understanding and meaning. Included are a description and explanation of several miraculous scientific statements within the Quran.πŸ‘‰ Preview online(81 pages)

More about the Authors

Sheikh Prof Al-Sha'rawi (1911-1998), recognised as a brilliant Egyptian Islamic scholar, has written on a number of intriguing topics that can be tricky to understand. His writings are written in a conversation style, being easy-to-read with simple language. This makes them an excellent stepping-stone and introduction to these topics.

Imam Prof Dr Omar Suleiman is the Founder and President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and Adjunct Professor of Islamic Studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, USA. He is one of the forefront modern-day Islamic preachers, and has created numerous books, publications, policies, and lecture series to help better the Muslim Ummah, particularly in the West.

6. Items

Prayer Mat

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Hijab & prayer shawl for females

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Prayer Beads

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